Rematco Energy’s team is experienced in working with host countries to train their personnel as part of local content programs.

We undertake this through competency mapping to ensure that each worker has the necessary skills and tools to carry out their work. This could be in the control room, a field operator, or an electrical technician.

Sufficient training should be provided to ensure all workers have an understanding of their environment and ensure complacency does not set in.

Rematco Offers Training in:

  • H2S awareness and working in an H2S environment
  • High temperature/high pressure environment
  • Construction supervision
  • Understanding key engineering documents and drawings
  • Safe operation of equipment
  • Maintenance planning
  • Effective communication
  • Reporting and managing HSE – Stopcards
  • Leadership training
  • Critical task analysis and procedures
  • Accident/incident investigation and management
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Rules and work permits
  • Knowledge and skill training
  • PPE
  • Engineering and change management