LNG Development

Rematco Energy is developing a number of liquified natural gas (LNG) projects in various locations, but with a specific focus on West Africa.  The Rematco Energy team has an unrivalled depth of technical and commercial experience arising from work for both IOCs and EPC contractors operating in the LNG industry.  Team members have held leading technical positions in most of the floating LNG projects as well as many onshore LNG plants worldwide.  We do not measure ourselves by the number of employees or by the noise we make, but by the capability and experience which the team is able to bring to each project.

Rematco Energy is known for being able to bridge the cultural divide that can sometimes exist in international projects, specifically in Africa. Emanuel Misghinna, Managing Director of Rematco Energy, ensures that trust earnt through long established relationships is central to the values of Rematco Energy. Trust is what binds the project together and ensures success when we all encounter the inevitable challenges and frustrations of developing and delivering major LNG infrastructure projects.  

This blend of technical, commercial and partnership building expertise is what helps Rematco Energy to be the selected development partner of choice for many projects.

Rematco Energy is realistic about what it takes to deliver such major LNG infrastructure projects.  The expectations that investors, customers and government stakeholders have can be debilitating for a project unless guided by an experienced hand.  It is just that experienced hand that Rematco Energy brings to each of its projects.  

Rematco Energy truly believe that LNG projects will only achieve success by being developed in accordance with the highest standards of business principles, governance and care for the communities and environment in which the projects are located. Success is ensured when these standards are applied without compromise and more often than not by keeping a low profile.