engineering innovation

Rematco Oil & Gas has many years of experience in engineering and engineering innovation. We offer clients the ability to develop new energy assets through customized engineering solutions.

We combine quality and technical excellence with agility, providing the full range of pipeline and facility services over the full lifecycle of a project.

Conceptual studies and basic engineering design – major cost optimization can be achieved during these phases. We aim to understand our clients’ needs and objectives and work in partnership mode from the start of the project.

Rematco aims to deliver ‘fit-for-purpose’ methods and solutions, which provide considerable CAPEX reductions.


Front-end engineering and design is the work required to produce quality process and engineering documentation for sufficient depth, defining the project requirements for detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction of facilities and supporting the cost estimate. This includes:

  • Conducting HAZID/HAZOP.
  • Develop the engineering design packages that can be used to bid a lump sum EPC scope and/or provide the foundation for the detailed engineering phase.
  • Prepare cost estimates for project funding.

The FEED deliverables include the following:

  • Final Heat and Material Balances (H&MB’s)
  • Equipment sizing, materials of construction and design temperatures and pressures.
  • Process control requirements, including any analyzers, programmable logic controllers, safety instrumented systems, etc.
  • Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&ID’s).
  • Plot Plan.
  • Process safety contingency analyses.
  • Utility loads (e.g., steam, cooling water, waste water treating, etc.)
  • Interconnections with other units (onsite and offsite)

Detailed engineering:

Rematco can execute the detailed design in the continuity of the FEED or on a stand-alone basis. We are able to offer:

  • Detailed engineering services, including AFC (Approved for Construction) drawings.
  • Installation engineering.
  • Interface management.
  • Project scheduling cost control.
  • Engineering support during procurement.
  • Engineering support during fabrication.
  • Engineering support during construction.
  • Engineering support during installation.
  • Engineering support during pre-commissioning and commissioning.