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Rematco Energy is a UK-based asset development business focused on the oil & gas, power, and water sectors in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
Our mission is to be recognized as a partner of choice across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia by delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions across the complete lifecycle of their assets. This involves holistic approaches that create value for our industry, clients, and community.
Our business is founded and based on delivering on our promises with an unparalleled commitment to partnership and a reputation for quality service.

At Rematco, we maintain the highest standards of HSE and Quality while also complying with international and national laws. We leverage our local knowledge with our global expertise.

The culture of our business is based on the principles of integrity, innovation, cost-conscious and continuous improvement through evolving cutting-edge technologies.

rematco about us

Asset Development

Rematco Asset Development provides an integrated service for hydrocarbon resource holders using innovative commercial models aligned with our clients’ requirements. Projects cover upstream developments, both greenfield and brownfield, and related energy infrastructure projects, and can include investment.

We offer differentiated risk/reward models by concentrating on relatively easily exploitable resources. This includes ambitious cost-reduction programs, and plans for the more disciplined deployment of capital in the years ahead.

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What We Offer

Oil & Gas

Rematco Oil & Gas provides life-of-asset engineering for greenfield and brownfield projects to help clients unlock value from oil and gas assets.

We deliver extensive services and holistic solutions for new and existing oil and gas assets and infrastructure.
Our project delivery solution is led by a team of experienced and professional project managers and directors who lead creative thinking combined with decades of practical experience. We use value engineering throughout a project, evaluating options with a focus on reducing project capital costs as well as life cycle costs. Value engineering is a structured process to ensure that capital projects meet or exceed cost objectives without compromising project quality.


Consistency, Reliability and Quality

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GreenField & BrownField Development

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Customised Engineering Solutions.

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Expertise in delivering sound asset

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We offer expertise in many areas

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Pipeline/Flowline Routing

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Power & Water

Rematco Energy is an international contractor in the power generation and water industry recognised for
its reliability, flexibility and strong execution track record.


Rematco Energy is an international contractor in the power generation and water industry recognised for its reliability, flexibility and strong execution track record.



Rematco offers many solutions to the water sector, from separation and treatment of produced water to meeting environmental specs, through to reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants.


Training & Competence

Rematco Energy’s team is experienced in working with host countries to train their personnel as part of a local content program. We undertake this through competency mapping to ensure that each worker has the necessary skills and tools to carry out their work. This could be in the control room, a field operator, or an electrical technician.

Our team works with experienced and licensed Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) professionals to ensure appropriate risk management with regard to health and safety.

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